GideonLargeWelcome to The Vorpal Mind blog, the personal blog of Nathaniel Torson, co-owner of Jabberwocky Media!

For those of you who followed me on the Blogger version of this blog, welcome to my new home, where I’ll be posting from now on. The reason for the move is threefold:

1. Blogger was getting up my nose., Ever since Google took over and the interface has changed, it hasn’t worked worth a spit. Image placement is a pain, the fonts randomly resize, the interface was buggy as hell and hard to customize properly, etc. Even for a free service, it is pretty damned poor. I had to find something else.

2. Everybody important that I know uses WordPress and they love it, so I decided to rebuild the company website in it for ease of use.

3. Since my company website was also being reborn as a WordPress powered website, it only made sense to keep all my thoughts and work under that same digital roof with a consistent look and theme.

So here I am. I’m going to keep the old blog open until I can migrate the articles over here, but until I do, you can still find them at:

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