Void Hunters: The DCC Game of Seventies Science Fiction…

01I like to use my personal blog as a game design diary. I first started the practice on the Strange Stones blog site, with Barbarians of Heavy Metal, and I found it to be an excellent way of not only keeping track of my thought process as I work through the particulars of a game (without wasting and losing reams of paper), but also to invite comments from others that can influence the final product early on and save me a lot of work re-writing the final document.

The first thing I like to do is create an outline. I know a lot of writers who think outlines are unnecessary and sign of inexperience, but of all the things I learned in High School, I find the humble outline to be one of the most useful tools for organizing thought and speeding up the writing process. To this day I use them for script-writing, fiction writing, technical writing and game design. In the case of an RPG book, they make a convenient table of contents, like the one for my upcoming game, Void Hunters…

Chapter 1: Introduction
● How to Use This Book
● Setting Assumptions – What is Seventies Science Fiction?
● New Rules

Chapter 2: Characters
● Defining Setting Assumptions about PC Classes
● Redshirts – Level 0 Characters
● Soldier
● Scientist
● Scout
● Officer
● Psychic
● Synthetic

Chapter 3: Psionics
● Rules
● Psionic Disciplines
● Power Listings

Chapter 4: Gear
● Defining Tech Level in your Setting
● Acquiring Gear – Resource Checks
● Standard Gear
● Combat Gear
● Servitors
● Psychic Gear

Chapter 5: Starships
● Defining Space Travel in your Campaign
● Acquiring a Starship
● Running a Starship
● Fighting a Starship
● Starship Construction
● Starship Modules

Chapter 6: New Worlds
● Sector Generation
● Star System Generation
● World Generation

Chapter 7: Alien Menaces
● Defining Setting Assumptions about Aliens
● Random Species Generation
● Sample Alien Flora
● Sample Alien Fauna
● Sentient Civilization Generation
● Alien PCs

Chapter 8: Exploring the Darkness
● The Interstellar Sandbox
● Hazards of the Void
● The Planetary Sandbox
● Planetary Environments
● Lost Civilizations
● Hulks

Chapter 9: Missions & Campaigns
● Player Unit Organization
● Mission Generator
● Dungeons In Spaaaace
● The Wider Universe
● Mission 1: The Lost and the Damned (Level 0 Hulk Recovery Mission)
● Mission 2: The Pyramids of Pyxis (level 1 Planetary Exploration Mission)

This not only helps me to organize my book, but also gives me a good idea of about how long this book is going to be. About 160 pages, methinks.

Over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to let Void Hunters come to a slow boil on the back-burner of my brain as I work on my other projects. I’ll be posting whatever bubbles to the surface here. By the time November gets rolling along, you should see a game slowly forming…

2 thoughts on “Void Hunters: The DCC Game of Seventies Science Fiction…

    1. jabber Post author

      Thanks, Anthony. Lensmen is one of those book series I’ve always meant to read, but never got around to. So many books, so little time.

      Production on Void Hunters is well underway, and I imagine I’ll have a full manuscript sometime in January. Keep checking back once every week or so to see the game gradually develop and get in on some possible play-testing opportunities as I get closer to completion on the project…

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